22 August 2008

Greetings to Our Readers

In trying to save room on our side bar so we can just put important and helpful info there for you; we, LeAnna, Miranda and Angela are including a post about our passion for this blog here in a post and labeling it as such since most of you are just in it for the books. :)

I am a mom of 3 who loves to read, and because of my kids I love to read children's books. When searching for new books I only could find book seller reviews and some were very liberal. I wanted a review that weighed moral training into the books they read. Character building, quality, artwork, literacy building and quality time spent with my kids are all qualities I look for when I read books.

I love children’s literature. Not just to read to mychildren, (though I certainly do that quite a bit), but I can often be foundreading children’s books for my own personal fun reading. My favorites arefairy tales- not specifically stories with fairies and princesses, but fairytales in the broader concept. Things like The Hobbit, The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe(and the rest of those), and The Faraway Treeseries (which nobody in the USA has heard of), TheWizard of OZ (did you know there are nineteen in that series?), andI most recently discovered Mary Poppins (didyou know it was a book?) along with plenty of books full of collections of themore traditional fairy tales.  All of which, by the way, I did not readuntil I was “grown up.”

I also enjoy critiquing the picture books I read to mychildren. What makes a good story? What makes it bad? Why do I hate readingthis rotten thing to my kids? What was that author thinking?   Whatmessage does this send to children? What message does this send to adults thatchildren will never actually notice? How do the same author’s different bookscompare with one another? Some of these questions I hope to have the chance toanswer in my posts here at Written Windows.